Our ambassadors are people who have visited us and believe in what we are doing.  These inspiring people are vital for sharing our message - act now to save coral reefs - around the world. 


Photographer and ocean enthusiast, Ben captures the ocean at its most breathtaking. In recent years, he has has gained international recognition as one of the leading photographers in the tropical paradise of French Polynesia. His award-winning images of the ocean, showcased on magazine covers and in advertising campaigns, have made him a global success in the world of photography.

Spearfishing champion, chef, award-winning artist and sought after public speaker, Kimi is a woman of diverse brilliance. Her daily life is a fusion of her talents, deep-rooted in sustainability and geared towards building a healthy future for our global community.


Cristina earned a degree in marine biology before studying photography at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, D.C.  In 2005 she founded the International League of Conservation Photographers, with the aim of ‘furthering environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography’.


In 2010, she was given the prestigious Nature's Best Conservation Photographer of the Year award. Cristina has also written and coauthored over twenty books. Through her photography and storytelling she shares her knowledge and caring spirit. She is our ocean mother.


Jack is our ocean brother. From the island of Hawaii, he likes to live simply, advocating a  sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. Whether he’s on tour, creating beautiful music, surfing or spending time with his family, Jack is always an inspiration to the Coral Gardeners, showing us how to live a good life.


Madison Stewart is known by many as "Shark Girl Madison” because of her devotion to the protection of the ocean’s top predators. Since her childhood on the Great Barrier Reef, sharks have been like family to her. Growing up, she witnessed firsthand the disappearance of sharks and healthy reef and knew she had to do something to stop the destruction.

Through her filmmaking, Madison is fighting back against the mass killing of sharks by revealing the brutality of the finning industry. She is an advocate for some of the planet’s most misunderstood creatures, whose health is closely interlinked with that of the reef.


Blair Conklin is a professional skimboarder from Laguna Beach. His interest in the ocean led him to study environmental science at UC Berkley in Ocean Beach. He has never stopped skimboarding and continues to be a positive thinker in marine conservation.


Lambert Wilson is a French actor who starred in The Matrix and recently portrayed Jacques Cousteau in The Odyssey. He is now an environmental activist and is working to eradicate hunger and poverty globally in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).




Mareva Galanter was born and raised in Tahiti, French Polynesia. She is deeply concerned by the protection of our nature and environment, and had a heart stroke with the Coral Gardener's organisation. She started her career after being Miss Tahiti and Miss France. Since, she has been working as a model, singer and tv host. She is one of our ambassadors in France!


This olympic swimming champion has been supporting us from the very beginning. Florent has spent a lot of his life in the water and feels the same way we do about protecting the ocean.


Chelsea's childhood was spent hiking in the spectacular mountains of Hawaii and swimming in the Pacific Ocean. She began sharing her adventures on Instagram and has since become a travel blogger sensation, encouraging her more than half a million followers to get outside and appreciate nature’s gifts.


Tim is a skilled action sport photographer who was raised in Sydney and now lives in Tahiti. He has travelled extensively, revealing the raw beauty of the natural elements through his work along the way. He has captured the ocean at its most stunning, showing the world what we have to protect.


Paul Nicklen is a marine biologist, he became an adventurer at a very young age while living in Baffin, Northern Canada. Specialized in marine and polar wildlife photography, his outstanding experience as a naturalist has lead him to work with National Geographic capturing breathtaking moments. He is a real inspiration for the conservation world and a voice for our planet and our oceans.



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